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Well after a year of hard frame by frame clean up and Coloring work its finally done!

This is my longest project I ever made, becasue I always ending up with an unfinished animations, but this time I can make sure 1000% done, there will be more projects coming up, even Chaos Emerald DX might come back but not as a sprite animation, but fully anime hand drawn animation!

Hope you enjoy Light of Life as much as I enjoyed working on it! ^^

Chaos Emerald DX

2012-08-15 06:43:48 by MajinThrenok

Phew Finally after 5 months of misery I finally done it,
The first episode is over!

It was once ment to be Sonic ESSU but my friend Shadowwalker,
an awsome animator told me to choose a better name.

I decided to change it because the first Sonic ESSU, the original was bashed by alot of fan of Sonic GX so I decided to make it again. So there you have it!

I was working with Flash CS6 my biggest mistake I ever made,
I should have use Macromedia like the rest of the good animators
around but I was stupid enuagh not to do it. My movie was crashed by the program several times I was going crazy and I made several backups to save it or I would have start it all over again.

I am kinda having trouble uploading it in newgrounds so I just give you the another link in Deviantart


Chaos Emerald DX

Triangle Viking

2008-08-01 09:31:37 by MajinThrenok

A future animation 3 Vikings v.s 900,000 soliders protecting their island.

Triangle Viking

Powerpuff Burst Limit

2008-07-31 13:26:41 by MajinThrenok

Powerpuff Burst Limit New serie I want to make influenced by DBZ and other stuff but story completely different .

Powerpuff Burst Limit