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Chaos Emerald DX

2012-08-15 06:43:48 by MajinThrenok

Phew Finally after 5 months of misery I finally done it,
The first episode is over!

It was once ment to be Sonic ESSU but my friend Shadowwalker,
an awsome animator told me to choose a better name.

I decided to change it because the first Sonic ESSU, the original was bashed by alot of fan of Sonic GX so I decided to make it again. So there you have it!

I was working with Flash CS6 my biggest mistake I ever made,
I should have use Macromedia like the rest of the good animators
around but I was stupid enuagh not to do it. My movie was crashed by the program several times I was going crazy and I made several backups to save it or I would have start it all over again.

I am kinda having trouble uploading it in newgrounds so I just give you the another link in Deviantart


Chaos Emerald DX


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2012-09-16 19:17:50



2013-07-18 19:19:07

Here you get the pictures of characters (Amy, Shadow, Sally, Sonic) of episode 1? Please, respond!


2013-09-02 06:35:54

The movie was awesome.. not sure who it was that decided to add battle for survival to chaos shadow's battle.. but jeez.. it was so awesome i could not stop re watching the episode. good work to you and exors..